erian Speed Sizer
Fast - Accurate - Gentle


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For both fresh and process applications, the Kerian Sizer is accurate and gentle.  Though maximum volume is achieved by use of the standard straight sizing roller, a rounded urethane spool roller as shown above is the choice for flat or oval apples to achieve unequalled mechanical sizing. 

With size selection prior to peeling a significantly greater product yield is achieved.  Baffles in the discharge area can quickly adjust the queue size for several sets of peelers.  Payback comes very quickly with the Kerian Sizer.

For fresh market apples the same urethane spools can provide accurate counts for boxing or uniform appearance for bagging.  Low cost and flexibility makes the Kerian Sizer a feasible choice even for smaller packing lines.  Delivery from the Sizer can be onto a standard conveyor, a padded belt, or into flumes.