erian Speed Sizer
Fast - Accurate - Gentle


Rollers designed for your product - The expanding rollers ride on V-pulleys, rotating and orienting the produce. Overroller turning flaps spread and align the product. Some roller types in use are:

Plastic-covered rollers for most products: long potatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, etc. Rubber spools for: round potatoes, onions, oranges, etc. Urethane rounded spools for: easily bruised apples, tomatoes, etc. V-shaped spools to separate oval or flat products by large diameter: mushrooms, strawberries, flat onions, etc.

Accuracy in sizing - The Kerian Sizer is equipped with an exclusive patented roller drive that is selected for your particular sizing needs. Whether a standard or special application, the choice is from over 1000 drive patterns presently in use. A custom design is also available for a small additional charge.

No bruising or skinning - Your product is gently rotated and carried along on moving rollers, with direct separation onto a conveyor, delivery pan, or flume.

Easy adjustment features - Easily-movable dividers for precise size selection and full adjustment. Dividers can be easily added or subtracted to change the number of sizes. The legs are adjustable over one foot of height. The footpads accept standard 6-inch casters.

Low power consumption - Standard single or 3-phase TEFC motors range from 1 to 2 HP.

Built in durability - The frame is rigid 2x5 steel tubing and all parts are made with precision to last for many years. We pre-test every machine before it is shipped.