erian Speed Sizer
Fast - Accurate - Gentle


Custom Separation - If none or the standard patterns fit your unique application, we can design a separation to your exact specifications. Accurate within 1/64 inch.

Corrosion Protection - Imron Polyurethane paint provides extra protection for high acid or salt conditions. Recommended for some food processing applications are stainless steel rollers, stainless contact points, or an all stainless Sizer.

Portability - Heavy-duty casters with a swivel-locking feature bolt onto the legs for easy movability. Also available is a cart and hitch to take the Kerian Sizer right into the field. The compact Kerian Sizer can also be incorporated in a machine harvester.

Takeaway Conveyors - Single, double, or triple belt tables carry your product to either side of the Sizer. Included are channeling for separate lanes and side delivery as needed. Side conveyors are also available.

Elevators - Peg apron or finger flighted belt elevators, either stand-alone or Sizer-mounted, are designed to "fit" with the Sizer.

Lubrication Systems - Centralized lubrication panels and automatic roller lubrication simplify maintenance procedures.

Other Options - An over-end roller assembly allows delivery of large product off the end of the Sizer. The vertical takeaway clearance can be increased as needed for chutes or flumes with the assistance of an over-end damping assembly. The Sizer can also be provided with triple-seal ball bearings throughout to provide long-life service in harsh environments. Rigid platforms raise the Sizer to any desired height. Variable-speed operation can be achieved either by mechanical or electrical adjustment.